Aquarius Horoscope for December 13, 2022

Maintain an air of detachment, Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope for December 13, 2022

Feel free to delve into your fantasy world and let your emotions carry you to another realm. Today is one of those days when you might come up with a new invention that could become the next must-have item for every kitchen in the country. Let your imagination take you away. Share your lighthearted mood with others.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

You are used to discussing things with others in such a way that you encourage them to see life from a new perspective. Something may help you personally to see just where you stand in relation to that special person. If you have been puzzled over a certain reoccurring issue, then you may find that a revelation brings the answer you so urgently seek.

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Teamwork is an important aspect of your work today. Reach out to others for advice and support. The work you are doing is not something that you should have to face alone. Call upon the wisdom of someone who has gone down this road before.

Aquarius Wellness Horoscope

Even though you are a soft and emotional person, you are equally capable of anger and aggression. However, the tendency for most is to internalize anger and aggression, which wreaks havoc upon the immune system, as well as other vital biological systems. If you have experienced this recently, consider taking up a workout that involves (safely) kicking, yelling, and hitting inanimate objects. This technique will help you to get "out" your anger and alleviate pressure and strain.