Aquarius Horoscope for September 16, 2022

You might find the mood of today a bit too somber for your liking, Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 16, 2022

Why is everyone so serious? Whether you figure out the answer or not, just know that it probably isn't something you did. Emotions that have been building up are likely to express themselves now, much like a volcano bursting under the pressure of tons of molten lava.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

You feel the urge to take your loved one somewhere totally, utterly, and truly different. They may not realize what you have in store for them, but tell them to be prepared for the unexpected, as it will probably knock their socks off. This will most likely cement the relationship in a new way, as it brings you together in an exciting new situation.

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Don't take anything for granted. Facts will become muddled thanks to someone who would rather have you believe him or her than believe the real truth. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Verify facts yourself.

Aquarius Wellness Horoscope

Suspending judgment allows you to see more of the truth. Suspending judgment of the self allows you particularly to see your inner truth. Today's astral configuration is wonderful for personal inquiry. Are you doing things for yourself that aid your sense of well-being, or things that detract from it? What kind of behavior do you see in your friends that you admire and would like to follow? You have the freedom to choose your own health practices.