Cancer Horoscope for August 1, 2022

A war could be brewing in your world today, Cancer.

Cancer Horoscope for August 1, 2022

Emotionally charged arguments shoot back and forth with conviction. Try not to get discouraged. Don't burn any bridges either. Remember that your words may fall on extremely sensitive ears, so use them with care. There's a very active part of your psyche that needs to be heard. Feel free to say your peace openly and honestly.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Whatever opinions you may hold, you can't escape the fact that everything is extremely changeable. Where your deepest bonds and relationships are concerned, you may find that the mood is one of conflict. It is unlikely that you will be able to resolve this without having to compromise in some respect. But are you willing to do so? Or do you merely wish to stake your claim?

Cancer Career Horoscope

Someone in your workplace, perhaps even your boss, has an important change of heart on an issue that directly pertains to you. This reversal in decision means a big opportunity for you, and possibly even a larger salary. Keep your eyes open.

Cancer Wellness Horoscope

You're apt to find yourself making excuses for why you can't exercise or why you indulge in certain foods that are not exactly nutritious. Don't bother yourself with excuses! Try to see things for what they are - departures from healthy living included - and you will be stronger as a result. We all take a break from the "healthy way" now and then. Try to center yourself through meditation or yoga when it becomes hard to see things for what they are.