Cancer Horoscope for October 10, 2022

When tension builds, your sense of security is likely to falter, Cancer.

Cancer Horoscope for October 10, 2022

You may have a hard time dealing with other people. You could be tempted to turn to food or alcohol for inner nourishment. Curing emotional needs by indulging this way may temper your ailment for a while, but it isn't the solution to the overall problem. Work out the bugs with the people involved, and don't try to do it on an empty stomach.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Romance moves into the realm of fantasy, big time, and there could be a big gap between what you know you want, and what you actually get. Today you may feel the urge to transcend all boundaries to become one with your intended love. This is fine until the day-to-day reality sets in, and somehow the mystical music of angels turns into a dusty dirge.

Cancer Career Horoscope

Your good-natured, social personality will bring you great reward. Other people are your biggest allies, since they offer support and encouragement. Furthermore, with the advice of others you are able to achieve much more than you could on your own.

Cancer Wellness Horoscope

Why do you keep looking at today's transit with such a quizzical stare? You want me to do what? Your emotional self is highly active right now in ways that you don't normally experience. Express this surprise! Dance, move, run up stairs, and let the energetic friction out that may be in your body due to these vibrations. Your temper may be short when you least expect it to be. Don't block yourself with judgment, just be sure to let out your mixed feelings with short, quick physical sprees.