Cancer Horoscope for September 23, 2022

You're highly esteemed in your profession because of your strong business acumen and no-nonsense approach to problem solving.

Cancer Horoscope for September 23, 2022

Recent successes may be preparing you for the next leap in the progression. Be open to opportunities involving the Internet that present themselves. Remember, there's no glass ceiling online. Today may be peppered with all sorts of communications from friends.

Cancer Love Horoscope

You may not feel 100 percent yourself today. The atmosphere of the day makes it difficult for you to be as strong and commanding as you usually are. Your loved one will appreciate your different attitude very much, as it seems (at least temporarily) that you have learned how to simper and grovel, asking if there is anything they really need. Fear not, tomorrow is another day!

Cancer Career Horoscope

You have been purposefully avoiding a confrontation for quite a while. You don't want to get caught in a battle with someone, and so you have playing the role of "Mr./Ms. Nice Guy/Gal". Don't be afraid of being aggressive. It will behoove you to do so.

Cancer Wellness Horoscope

The tendency to nurture others can be a liability for you. Unless you are a paid professional during office hours, taking care of yourself first is your foremost responsibility. Even parents need to focus on themselves if they are going to be proper role models for their children. If you need someone to nurture, look in the mirror! You are a wonderful listener: ask your reflection what it needs and hop to it! It may take a little practice, but you can do it.