Cancer Horoscope for September 24, 2022

Today you might discover a previously untapped talent, Cancer, perhaps an artistic gift.

Cancer Horoscope for September 24, 2022

This could be thrilling, but it will probably take some getting used to. Your first efforts might be tentative and uncertain, but this is what usually happens when you learn a new skill. Don't get discouraged yet! Give yourself time. Eventually you'll probably love what you do.

Cancer Love Horoscope

People will do the strangest things for love. This will be especially evident today. If someone has been chasing you, and will not take no for answer, prepare for some very weird tactics. If they dress like an alien and demand biology lessons in order to help the repopulation of their planet, just don't be taken in.

Cancer Career Horoscope

Tension that was overwhelming in the workplace yesterday will still be present. The good news is that it will calm down in the afternoon. Communication with others will be poor. You will need a translator in order to get your point across.

Cancer Wellness Horoscope

Remember the stuff about looking in the mirror and asking your reflection what you need? This is not something you can put off for the future (when you're not in this relationship, when your kids are grown, when your job is not so demanding). It's the #1 priority now. A good test is to notice how much water you drink in a day. If you can safely say that you drink over ten glasses of water a day, I'm off your case!