Cancer Horoscope for September 7, 2022

Today you might earn corporate kudos, Cancer, for all signs indicate that your imagination is flying high and can be put to work to increase your job effectiveness.

Cancer Horoscope for September 7, 2022

You might even earn a promotion or increase in salary. However, it's important to curb the impulse to hide the downside of whatever you're doing from those in power. Be honest! It will benefit you more in the long run.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Sheer devilry and nerve abound today. You have thrown any kind of sentiment out of the window. Today you want action, excitement, and to go places at a fast and furious pace. If you are feeling weighed down by someone who just seems to hang around, you could lose your cool and tell them where to go. You need space.

Cancer Career Horoscope

Be careful of someone who may be trying to manipulate your choices. You have the power to turn the situation around and use it to your benefit instead. When making decisions, remember that you are the final judge, not someone else.

Cancer Wellness Horoscope

Do you find that when you treat yourself better, the world is a better place? In order to take better care of yourself, take a close look at what you consume on a daily basis. It's important to keep weeding out the unhealthy habits, especially as you get older. You like to nibble, so be sure you have healthful things to nibble on rather than junk food. Dried cranberries are fun and tasty, as are pistachios. Dried papaya is a good friend too, as it aids in the breakdown of protein.