Capricorn Horoscope for September 21, 2022

Have you been feeling less than your normal self, Capricorn?

Capricorn Horoscope for September 21, 2022

If so, today you may suddenly regain your strength and be raring to go. You might even be tempted to start a rigorous exercise program. Go ahead and start, but pace yourself and try not to make up for lost time all at once. You need to ease into these things. Maybe start with walking and yoga.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

You are generally happy if everything seems to be ticking nicely along. If it should happen not to be nice, you don't like it. Today you may be encouraged to feel quite horrid about your loved one, but you really need to take a look at yourself. Life is far too short to spend time worrying about trifles. Get a little depth - sometime!

Capricorn Career Horoscope

Flashes from the past will aid you today. Pay attention to these memories that come into your head. They are entering your consciousness for a reason. There are lessons to be learned from these memories. Apply them to today's circumstances.

Capricorn Wellness Horoscope

You sometimes like to do things alone, but it's important to be aware not to overdo this. Isolation can be risky. It's important to involve friends and family in your life whenever possible so that you get the necessary perspective on how you're living. When you look great, don't you want someone to tell you? When you need a haircut, isn't it kind of cool to be reminded by someone who cares? Be careful not to cut yourself off from important sources of love and support - it's an unconscious act for some of you.