Gemini Horoscope for August 20, 2022

Follow your instincts, Gemini.

Gemini Horoscope for August 20, 2022

Even if you tend to listen more to your reason, put that aside. While your ears can hear words, your intuition can hear what's between the lines and provide you with a much bigger picture. If something sounds right but feels wrong, you'll be better off trusting your feelings. Act with careful consideration and caution.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You have a lot to come to terms with today. The day's planetary configuration indicates you can either listen to those around you who are moaning about how unhappy they are with their lot in life, or you can leap up, forget your miseries and restrictions, and join in with a small group of people, if possible, who are determined to have fun and excitement. Go where your heart truly is.

Gemini Career Horoscope

In order to advance in your career, you will need to take some risks on faith. Have a solid base to work from, but don't be afraid to branch outward into the unknown. Let yourself dream and expand instead of sticking only to familiar territory.

Gemini Wellness Horoscope

Whatever the source of discomfort in your life, today is giving you an opportunity to put your finger on it. This can be a frustrating planetary transit for some of you, others will find it enlightening or even amusing. Open yourself up to change and release your grip on things that you know should "go." This pertains to unhealthy eating habits, and laziness. Your body governs how you feel to a large extent. Give it the respect it deserves!