Leo Horoscope for August 16, 2022

Friends seeking advice or a shoulder to cry on may be plentiful today, Leo.

Leo Horoscope for August 16, 2022

And you're one of best people to provide the support and caring they need. Just don't give so much to others that you have nothing left for yourself. True friendship is about sharing problems. Getting rundown will leave you in a place where you aren't much help to anyone.

Leo Love Horoscope

Don't expect an ordinary day in terms of partners and relationships. Anything, literally anything, could happen with today's aspect at play. If you have wanted to tell someone how you feel, you will have the chance to deepen your bond, not just a little, but an awful lot in a relatively short period of time. You will feel as though you have always known them.

Leo Career Horoscope

The truth doesn't usually come with gimmicks or flashing lights. This is why it is a little bit harder to recognize. Your tendency will be to move forward blindly with a project. Instead you need to hold back and gather up more of the real truth.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

The planetary alignment today will emphasize your protective instincts. You may find yourself protecting other people at home or at work, or feeling protective of yourself. Otherwise, you could be having a very emotional day - not necessarily heavy - and need to feel loved by those around you. Either way it's a sensitive time, so watch what you eat. Avoid dairy and processed sugars. Try to stick to fresh produce and light sources of protein such as fish and legumes.