Leo Horoscope for December 1, 2022

This is going to be a good moment to look elsewhere, Leo.

Leo Horoscope for December 1, 2022

You should do just as the artist does when he has worked on a painting for too long, which is take a step back. You need to see some people, travel, go to the theater, and clear your head. This is never easy for you, but don't hesitate. You will realize afterward that it was the best thing for you to do.

Leo Love Horoscope

Today provides a good opportunity for you and a loved one to extend your circle of friends. Your social life is likely to liven up. Perhaps you both feel that your present social group has been limiting you of late. Be bold and be open to new opportunities, as they may well lead to some fabulous new connections that will stand you in good stead.

Leo Career Horoscope

Normally you like to throw caution to the wind and let your good luck pull you through with regard to any new work plan. Today is the day to do the opposite. Take a more reserved approach and make sure you have a backup plan or two.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

You may find yourself fighting for the upper hand today, as the energy can be quite tense. It's sort of like when parents quarrel, and the kids are left to fend for themselves. You are quite capable of doing what you need for yourself: eat three healthy meals, get some exercise, and don't strain yourself with picking up after others. However, it will be a better day all around if you can do something fun at some point.