Leo Horoscope for January 10, 2023

Unexpected visitors might throw you into a dither.

Leo Horoscope for January 10, 2023

You could panic over how to dress, what to say, and what to serve. Don't make yourself crazy, Leo. Follow your heart and go with the flow. Spontaneity is the best policy. Your guests will enjoy yourselves more if you worry less about being the perfect host. Just have fun.

Leo Love Horoscope

There are not a lot of ways you can go awry today. But with the planetary energy at play, you may risk accidentally saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment, or make that one comment that everyone else has been sensitively avoiding. The problem is your lack of tact. If you can master this, then you may just hit the jackpot.

Leo Career Horoscope

A pushy co-worker may seem like a threat to you, but on closer examination, you will see that if you work together with this person, you will actually accomplish quite a bit. There is no need to view others as enemies when they are really allies.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

The energy emanating from the planets today presents a mental challenge. Emotions and power are growling at one another; maybe they're even engaged in a real fight! The mental challenge is in stepping back and assess the situation. How much is at stake? Will it eventually blow over? Is it about winning and losing? Most of all, the challenge will be to continue to respect your personal health regimen in the face of this distraction. It is neither fair nor prudent to neglect your body and all the energy contained therein.