Leo Horoscope for January 9, 2023

Today your sensitivity joins forces with practicality.

Leo Horoscope for January 9, 2023

Intuitive insights could come to you today, and you might express your new ideas to others, Leo. Don't be surprised if they accept them. Your unconscious mind is on a far more practical track than you may assume. Make use of this ability while you can because it might not be so clear tomorrow. Go with the flow.

Leo Love Horoscope

A present astral energy brings you to that point where you realize that talking has really helped you to understand that you are ready to make a deeper commitment to a special person. What this now entails is even more talking, but in such a way that it encourages you both to think about your future and the way your lives together could pan out. Go for it!

Leo Career Horoscope

This is one of those days in which it really comes down to not what you know but WHO you know. Be aware that connections with other people are your most valuable assets today. Keep your phone book handy. Make calls when you need to.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

Knowing how to care for yourself takes preparation! Bring out the best in yourself by planning ahead. There is almost no physical activity that you wouldn't enjoy, so pick the one that is most convenient for you on a practical level. There should be little or no obstacles in the path of getting this exercise. Build up a practice around this chosen activity and use it as your support for when the going gets rough.