Leo Horoscope for July 27, 2022

Get your broom out of the closet today, Leo.

Leo Horoscope for July 27, 2022

Your job is to brush away the cobwebs from the corners of your emotional bedroom. Use the intense transformative energy of the day to say goodbye to stale and unsatisfactory relationships that have left a bad taste in your mouth. Ignite the fire of a new situation and consciously try to establish new habits so that old patterns don't continue to repeat themselves.

Leo Love Horoscope

You may not be sure whether to trust your feelings concerning a certain person and their attitude toward you. The astral configuration indicates that the situation today could seem to change from moment to moment, leaving you even more confused than ever, especially so, as you thrive on security. You may need to let them know how difficult you find this kind of situation.

Leo Career Horoscope

The opposition you face has been scoring many points lately, and this is your day to retaliate with confidence. A tremendous wave of support is coming your way that will set the stage for your success. The tables have clearly turned in your favor.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

The way you deal with your own emotions is the key to how you will treat others. We can't always know how we truly affect someone else, so the best practice is to treat yourself as gently and compassionately as you would like to treat another. This is not as easy as it sounds. To be truly compassionate with yourself you must honor your health in a way that is not always convenient. Your choices are what determine your conduct toward yourself.