Leo Horoscope for July 31, 2022

This is likely to be an intense day, Leo.

Leo Horoscope for July 31, 2022

Family and friends may seem testy, so you're advised to stay out of their way. Don't worry - it isn't anything you've done. It's the planetary energy. If you can go someplace private and shut the door, do it. If someone tries to pick a fight, don't rise to the bait. Tomorrow the air will clear and good spirits will reign again.

Leo Love Horoscope

News can travel fast, sometimes by way of a piece of gossip, or from a reliable source. What you never can be sure of is just how much the message has been changed in its passage from person to person. Today a piece of news concerning an individual toward whom you have romantic inclinations may seem wildly exaggerated. Best check it first-hand, before you get wild about them.

Leo Career Horoscope

Someone is likely to rub you the wrong way in a very aggressive manner. Don't let this person get the better of you. He or she may come up with wild facts to use against you. Don't be fooled. Most likely these "facts" are closer to fiction than truth.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

There is perhaps more than you want to deal with in the emotional realm today. A sense of urgency may plague you when you sense the celestial atmosphere. Try making this urgency something that you can benefit from - apply it to your health! Health is something we ought to think of as "urgent" in this day and age. So much of what we live in (smog, processed foods, a culture that focuses on youth and beauty) distracts us from truly healthy choices.