Leo Horoscope for June 2, 2022

You usually tend toward rational and scientific ways of thinking, Leo, but today you might be so intuitive that you're more likely to use your psychic abilities.

Leo Horoscope for June 2, 2022

This can be a mixed blessing. Your rational nature protects you from identifying too much with the world's less fortunate. Today this protection is greatly lessened, so be prepared to emotionally identify with everybody.

Leo Love Horoscope

Today's aspect at play could encourage you to be argumentative, perhaps for the fun of it. This is not your usual style, and your partner (current or prospective) could find it very annoying. If you are planning on doing something together, or have an important project on hand, it might help if you could summon the spirit of cooperation rather than irritation. At least you will achieve something useful.

Leo Career Horoscope

No one will take you seriously as you do your job today unless you have solid facts and concrete evidence to back up what you say. If you have to make any sort of virtual presentation, be sure you are well prepared. Others will see through the holes in your plan.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

You may be needed by everyone today. The aspect at play has a way of making people more emotional than usual, and they tend to run to the nearest person to help process the uncomfortable, the challenging, the downright scary. You may experience your own deep feelings welling up, and it's important to take time out to notice what's going on inside of yourself. Here is an ideal scenario: Prepare a nice dinner for your loved ones and take a long walk afterwards.