Leo Horoscope for September 20, 2022

You can't ask for a better day, Leo.

Leo Horoscope for September 20, 2022

Positive energy is coming your way. You should look for the opportunities that are right in front of you. You may be going through some significant upheaval right now. Clear away all the things that have limited you in the past. The future is wide open. Empower yourself to make the changes necessary to build your life way you want it to be.

Leo Love Horoscope

It seems that there could some surprises in store for you today. Romantically, you may interact with someone from the past at work, where you least expect it. This may be quite a shock, but if you can rally yourself, you may be in for yet another surprise, as you discover they are about to come back into your life in a big way.

Leo Career Horoscope

You are frustrated by the doors closing in your face, but don't be. These are messages from the universe steering you in the right direction. Some things are not meant to be - accept this and move on. The right door will open at the right time.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

You love to use your body in exciting new ways, and maybe you haven't been using your physical powers to the best of their abilities lately. Today's transit gives you some in-roads into the wonderful world of physical activity. Be open to the new, which can come in surprising packages. Swing dancing has enjoyed a revival and is an established pastime in many parts of the world. Try something new that challenges your body to act like it did when you were a child!