Leo Horoscope for September 21, 2022

Have you been feeling stagnant lately, Leo, as if your life is going nowhere?

Leo Horoscope for September 21, 2022

What happens today could change that. An unusual group event could put you in touch with people who open new intellectual, career, or spiritual doors for you. Stimulating conversations could turn your head toward opportunities that you were never aware of before. Onward and upward!

Leo Love Horoscope

You may feel a little more needy and possessive than usual. This may not be a problem if you can talk to your lover and discuss the reasons why you may be feeling this way. If you try to tough it out and ignore this, you may end up making it worse. Just state your case and release your emotions.

Leo Career Horoscope

The information that you receive today is part of the truth, but it is not the complete truth. You will have to push and be aggressive in order to get the full story out of people. Don't be satisfied with superficial chatter. Get to the core of the matter.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

When you want to veer from the healthy path at times, remember that it is how you manage these impulses that really matters. We are not automatons programmed for "organic" and "whole grain" - we are human beings who love chocolate cake and whipped cream! A balanced lifestyle is what you are striving for. If you want to indulge, by all means revel in it - just drink a lot of water along with, OK? (And respect your craving for carrot juice when that comes along, too!)