Leo Horoscope for September 25, 2022

Working late, Leo?

Leo Horoscope for September 25, 2022

What could be so important that it keeps you from paying attention to your family or partner? Probably nothing! Take a good, objective look at what you think must be done tonight. You'll probably find that your company won't go broke if you leave some tasks. Get as much done as you can and then go home to your loved ones. They're important, too!

Leo Love Horoscope

You might have to do some exercise today. Although your usual regimen may consist of going between the fridge and the couch, today you will need to use your mouth for more than eating. In order to get into full swing, you may need to warm up and practice love talk. Don't panic - the cat is quite willing to stand in for now.

Leo Career Horoscope

Having one major issue to deal with felt like enough, but now a second and a third pressing matter comes to your attention. When it rains, it pours, and today it is most certainly pouring. Do your best to not overreact but to instead stay calm.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

Whatever your definition of power, there is a lot of it in the air right now. The current planetary configuration is like having Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan on the same team! Raw strength and bright intelligence join forces. You may use this power to improve what you know to be your weak spot. If this has something to do with food, try shopping for meals in advance instead of eating out this week. Set up the breakfast table at bedtime and enjoy the benefits of having a "real" breakfast!