Leo Horoscope for September 30, 2022

You think of yourself as a practical person, Leo, but today your thoughts may turn to the mystical and spiritual.

Leo Horoscope for September 30, 2022

Your intuition is strong now, letting you tune in to the feelings of your loved ones. This allows you to be empathetic and understanding, which your partner especially appreciates. Your intuition may inspire you to approach a problem in a new way. Let your mind wander and see what develops.

Leo Love Horoscope

You may have had enough of pursuing a certain person, as they seem to ignore your every attempt at decent conversation. The energy of the day may encourage you to take them to one side, sit them down, and confront them with the issue of how you really feel about them. While this may seem a last resort, you may be surprised at how much they appreciate your determination.

Leo Career Horoscope

Nothing can stop you. You are a steamroller plowing through your day with great force and conviction. Whatever you need is at your fingertips, whether you realize it or not. Suddenly, everything you have been working on is falling neatly into place.

Leo Wellness Horoscope

You have a way of making the best of every situation, at least on the outside. You can, for example, convince others that you are having a good time when in fact you are troubled. You can even trick yourself into thinking that you are having a good time - as long as the spotlight is on you. But alas, you cannot fool your body. Are you giving your body what it needs to truly shine? If you've been pushing yourself lately, the thing you probably need most is rest.