Libra Horoscope for May 7, 2022

You need to slow down in matters of love and romance, Libra.

Libra Horoscope for May 7, 2022

You're likely acting on the assumption that things are fine and you can continue moving at lightning speed even though you long ago lost your road map. There's a degree of fantasy in your world. It doesn't take into account the fact that there are areas where you need to be more sensitive to your partner and perhaps take things more slowly and methodically.

Libra Love Horoscope

Today's planetary alignment brings with it a very significant opportunity to get back together with someone whom you have recently fallen out with. You have been regretting this incident ever since it happened, and have been wondering what you could do to make amends. Today you get the chance at a social engagement to go and speak, even though your heart is in your mouth. It will work.

Libra Career Horoscope

You are able to see through the superficial aspects of any situation in order to get to the heart of the matter. This ability will be extremely strong - and extremely valuable at a time like this. Don't be afraid to probe more deeply than usual.

Libra Wellness Horoscope

Home, family life, and caring. How big of a role this particular energy plays in your life right now is hard for this astrologer to know but you can make a difference in terms of how you live simply by making your home life a priority. This goes even for people who have never taken an interest in decorating before! Your home is where you nourish yourself. Consider getting a fresh drinking water service to grace your kitchen or pantry.