Pisces Horoscope for December 7, 2022

You will float today, Pisces.

Pisces Horoscope for December 7, 2022

You won't talk, you will be sleepy, and your mood won't be the best. OK, perfect! Get back into your novel, take several siestas, and do as little as possible, because that's what you want to do. Don't worry, busy beaver, this period will pass. And you know what? You aren't alone here. It happens to everyone from time to time. Flow with it.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Something is making you stumble in your attempts to interest a certain person. Don't let this worry you, as it is only temporary. It may even be better if you abandon your attempts to start an affair just for a day or two and focus on what you really have to offer. Once you understand your motives, there will be no stopping you.

Pisces Career Horoscope

Branch out of your normal work routine today. There is no sense in getting stuck in the same pattern over and over again. This limits you more than you know. Try something new. You will be amazed at how doors open for you automatically when you do.

Pisces Wellness Horoscope

Your ideals will feel especially sensitive to you today. You may sympathize with others more than you normally do but be careful that you don't get caught up in the role of champion for others. That is a noble sentiment, but you need to stay focused on yourself right now, and this will take some committed effort. If possible, go for a run with a friend and discuss issues that concern you. The increased oxygen intake will settle your mind.