Scorpio Horoscope for November 26, 2022

The ship is headed out, so you'd better hop on board, Scorpio.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 26, 2022

People aren't apt to be too sympathetic to your emotional sob story today, so keep it under wraps. Whining will get you kicked off the boat altogether. Today's energy is teaching you to toughen up. Don't take it personally. Realize that there are important lessons we all need to learn. One of them is to know when to be silent.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Make use of the positive emotional energy around to sort out a situation with your current love interest. This is an excellent day for frank and honest discussion, which is what it is going to take to move through in a way that transforms some of the more difficult feelings into emotions that can be released. This will pave the way to real forgiveness.

Scorpio Career Horoscope

The answer is through the door that you least expect. As you move through the darkness, trust your intuition and don't lose hope. There is great energy within you now. Use it to your advantage instead of letting it go to waste. Take control.

Scorpio Wellness Horoscope

Flexibility is important for you. There may be a correlation between what you do for your body and what you are able to do in relationships. If you ignore what you need to do for your body, you may ignore what you ought to be doing in your relationships to boot! You are quite capable of changing things for the better and coming out on top. Start the process by removing the greasy favorites from your diet and cutting back on caffeine intake. And do drink more water!