Scorpio Horoscope for September 20, 2022

You may find people very stubborn today, so take care, Scorpio.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 20, 2022

Arguments can explode out of nowhere, so have your helmet ready. Think before you act and don't feel pressured to get involved in something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember that it's OK to just walk away. No one will win the boxing match, so don't even get in the ring.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Your partner may need quite a bit of space today. You may not particularly want to be around your mate, anyway, as they seem very volatile and restless. It would be better to get out and do your own thing, which will save any arguments, and gives you a break, as well. Tomorrow you will be back to normal.

Scorpio Career Horoscope

Friction comes from all sides, and unfortunately, this friction will only increase as the day wears on. Most of this difficulty has to do with other people, not you, so don't take anything personally. Just do your job and be as amiable as possible.

Scorpio Wellness Horoscope

You want what you want, and you want it now! Today you may experience that quality of yours commonly known as "impatience." The urgency with which you experience certain feelings may overwhelm those around you this week. Try to focus on understanding what you want and putting it into words that let people know how they can help you most. That overpowering celestial energy can be mitigated by language. Another tip: work out your frustration at the gym, if possible, or on the bike path!