Taurus Horoscope for September 25, 2022

Everything may look wrong to you today, Taurus.

Taurus Horoscope for September 25, 2022

The house doesn't look right, the furniture needs adjusting, and you probably aren't happy with the way you look either. Your perfectionism could kick in and you might plunge into action, determined to make it all right. Don't bother! There's probably nothing you can do to make it look right today. Relax. You'll see things differently tomorrow.

Taurus Love Horoscope

The energy of the day means that you can play one of your favorite games - the one where whatever your lover says, you take the totally opposite view. This is all right up to a point, but it can't continue ad infinitum. If you can't be anything but contrary, you may find yourself becoming more and more estranged, and that really would be such a shame for such a nice couple - wouldn't it?

Taurus Career Horoscope

Your wild dramatic escapades revolving around work may be good for winning Oscars, but they are not so good for earning the respect of the people you work with - especially today. Others may not say much, but they are secretly judging you.

Taurus Wellness Horoscope

For you, the energy emanating from the planets is crying out: "look up!" Look up from the comfort zone of your preferred pasture and check out what's happening in the heavens above. There is possibility for new direction now. Increase your flexibility: either at the gym, if possible, or in your working life. Go places you normally don't go. Wake up earlier and take invigorating walks to better acquaint yourself with the sunrise, when dark turns to light. Your job is to be open.