Virgo Horoscope for June 2, 2022

You're normally intuitive, Virgo, but today you might feel more psychic than you ever dreamed you could.

Virgo Horoscope for June 2, 2022

Information received from the media could have you picking up psychically on the thoughts and feelings of people you've never met. This can be emotionally overpowering, so protect yourself by keeping the white light around you. Channel your thoughts and feelings into art of some kind. It helps.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Romance is more a question of talking about the right things with someone rather than having the right feelings for them - that is, if you are set on impressing them. The planetary energies indicate that if you can get a toe in the door by showing them that you share their passionate interests, then you will succeed in many others way as well.

Virgo Career Horoscope

Normally you like to throw caution to the wind and let your good luck pull you through with regard to any new work plan. Today is the day to do the opposite. Take a more reserved approach and make sure you have a backup plan or two.

Virgo Wellness Horoscope

Things may not go as planned today. Just when you are starting to get things going your way, something can happen to upset the whole picture. What you do in a situation like this says a lot about you. In order to have the patience and endurance you will need, be sure to get aerobic exercise. The oxygen in your bloodstream is converted directly into patience! And a bit of spicy food is good to get the toxins out of your blood, too!